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King's College London LGBTQIA+ Staff Network

We Are Proudly King's

Proudly King's is the LGBTQIA+ Staff Network at King's College London. We are proud to be recognised as a 'Highly Commended Network' by Stonewall. We are made up of 15 volunteer staff members to help make King's a better place for LGBTQIA+ people through events, campaigns, policies and community. Keep scrolling on our home page to learn about our vision, values and our goals for 2023-24. Everything else you could possibly want to know about us and how to get involved is available through the drop-down menus

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Our Principles in Action


Our vision is to make King’s a better place for LGBTQIA+ people. We embrace everyone who shares our vision, including allies, recognising that our strength lies in unity. By committing to inclusivity, equity, and fun, we create a space for people to grow and be their authentic selves. We will always advocate for our under-represented colleagues, specifically our trans and non-binary siblings who are facing increased discrimination and harassment.


As a member of the Proudly community, your voice is important, and you have the opportunity to provide feedback. We actively seek input on how we can consistently nurture an inclusive network and community. Our goal is to adapt to the ever-changing world while steadfastly upholding our foundation of accepting all LGBTQIA+ individuals. 


We enhance the experiences of both staff and students by actively engaging and collaborating with Senior Leadership teams. We encourage them to take further steps in establishing inclusive environments, and consistently work to improve our ranking in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index.


Your feedback is invaluable to us; we strive to learn and continuously enhance our events, initiatives, and campaigns. We actively respond to suggestions and feedback from the community and work to address any inequalities anyone may face in the workplace. We aspire to not just to create safe spaces, but accountable spaces as well. 


Our network succeeds when you succeed. By empowering King’s staff members to form a supportive community of LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies – We bring people together. We collaborate with Senior Leadership to develop workshops, toolkits, and web pages for our staff network and our wider community at King’s.


We are also Stonewall Diversity Champions, meaning we take an intersectional approach when it comes to providing support, whether that be through our buddy scheme or our collaborations with other staff networks.


Our social activities provide a social support system for LGBTQIA+ members of staff. Through our academic events and our campaigns, we raise awareness and allow people to develop areas of knowledge and understanding about the LGBTQIA+ community, their history and achievements. 


We campaign for change by amplifying LGBTQIA+ voices inside and outside of King’s through events like Pride, Trans Awareness Week and LGBTQIA+ history month. Intersectionality is key when it comes to connecting with others, which is why we work cross collaboratively with other staff networks on initiatives and campaigns to reach a broader audience.


Connecting our campuses, and therefore staff, is a critical piece of our work as we want each King’s Campus to feel part of the Proudly community. With our help, King’s received a Stonewall Workplace Equality Index Gold award and our Network was recognised as a ‘highly commended staff network’ because of our work around Stonewall’s ‘Bring Yourself to Work’ campaign which highlights the importance of inclusive work environments. 

Our goals for 2023 - 2024

Our goals for this academic year are to connect the campuses, including King’s Service Centre at Cornwall. We increase the visibility of Proudly King’s to increase the number of people actively engaged in the network. Finally, we want to make sure we are fighting for under-represented colleagues, specifically for our trans siblings who are facing increased discrimination and harassment. You can read more about each goal below.

Goal 1: Connecting Campuses

We will work to increase representation across each campus, including King’s Service Centre in Cornwall. This includes hosting regular and one-off events across all London campuses.

Goal 2: Increase Visibility

We will increase the ways people learn about Proudly King’s. We will create more physical resources and deliver more lunch and learn sessions to new members of staff.

Goal 3: Build Engagement

We will work to get more attendees at events, and more members returning to events.

Goal 4: Fight for the Community

We will fight for under-represented colleagues, specifically for our trans siblings who are facing increased discrimination and harassment.

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