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King's Service Centre (Cornwall)

From September 2023 we are looking to expand the Network to better include colleagues in the King's Service Centre (KSC) in Quintrell Downs, Cornwall.  

What's currently happening?

At the moment, all of our Proudly King's committee members are based on London campuses. All our events are held in London, or online. While our colleagues in KSC are welcome to join us online, there is little to no signposting on site, and there are no in-person events. 

What are we working on?

Proudly King's champion inclusivity and celebrate the diverse voices within the LGBTQ+ community at King's. We recognise that while our initiatives have made significant strides in London, our colleagues in KSC Cornwall deserve the same level of representation and support. It has come to our attention that the KSC campus lacks a visible LGBTQ+ presence, and we are committed to bridging this gap.

The Committee is working with Bronwen, (KSC Site Manager) to arrange a more accessible system for staff in KSC to collect LGBTQ+ inclusion lanyards after completing a pledge. We are using this opportunity to send more posters and signage to KSC for staff.


From September 2023, our Community Chair Kirsty McLaren will start work on better integration and representation for staff at KSC.  At this early stage, we imagine this could include committee expansions and KSC reps, tailored events, and a physical presence on the campus. The aim of this is not to create a 'one size fits all' approach, but to integrate the unique perspectives of KSC into our broader community and create events and activities that appeal to those who work there every day. With this in mind, we'd love your input if you are a staff member at KSC and would be interested in shaping the work. 

Help shape the work

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